Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?

Company Profile

Head Office

Ujitawara plant 1st.

Ujitawara plant 2nd.
Head Office 92-12 Kitashimizu-Nagaike,Joyo-city, Kyoto Prefecture,Japan

plant 1st

Kaminishitani-yuyatani,Ujitawara-cho, Tuzuki-district Kyoto Prefecture.

plant 2nd.
19-8 tachikawa-kanaidani@Ujitawara-cho, Tuzuki-district Kyoto Prefecture

Trade name Nagata Chaen Limited Company
Foundation 1970
Capital 5 million yen
Sales items Organic Japanese Green Teas @
such as Aracha, Sencha,
Bancha, Hojicha,
Genmaicha, Kukicha,
Matcha etc


1970 Aijiro Nagata, the founder of Nagata Chaen started production and sales of Uji-cha produced without agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers.
1977 Export of green tea free from agricultural chemicals to the U.S. and European countries started.
1981 Kokichi Nagata, the current president of Nagata Chaen succeeded the business.
1986 Incorporation.
1990 Foundation of International Nature Farming Research Center,Ujicha branch was established.
1992 NINK, an organization to certify organic foods in Japan (now JONA) was founded and Kokichi Nagata was one of the originators.
1994 Obtained OGBA international certification for organic food.
1995 Obtained OCIA international certification for organic food
1996 Obtained JONA international certification for organic food.
1999 An analysis laboratory was set up and analysis of chemical residues started.
1999 Obtained ECOCERT certification for organic food.
2002 FOODEX JAPAN 2002 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba 12.Mar`15.Mar 2002
In Oita Prefecture, the agricultural legal entity Bungo Oita organic tea producers' cooperative was established.
2003 FOODEX JAPAN 2003 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba 11.Mar`14.Mar 2003
2003 Ujitawara plant 2nd. was worked on March 24.
2004 The promotion video of Nagata Chaen was created in March.
2004 The homepage was renewed in October.
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