Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?

Show Case of our products

Nagata Chaen is offering Organic Japanese Green Tea under the certification.

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Organic Sencha
Top quality of Japanese Green Tea. Only the youngest leaves and buds are harvested. Various grades.
Organic Aoyanagi Bancha
Colour and shape of the leaves similar to the leaves of the willow tree.

Organic Hojicha
Carefully roasted Bancha leaves. Low in caffeine.
50% Sencha with 50% Roasted Brown Rice.

Powdered Japanese Green Tea. Quality ranges from best hand-picked varieties to grades for food processors.
Raw, unprocessed Japanese Green Tea.

Organic Kamairifukyo Bancha
Japanese Bancha roasted in pans according to a traditional recipe from Kyoto.
Organic Kukicha
Carefully roasted 2-5 years old Japanese Tea Twigs.

Japanese Organic Oolong Cha
Half-fermented tea leaves.
Japanese Organic Black Tea
Fermented black Tea .

Organic Macha Drops
JONA certified Japanese Matcha Drops.
We acquired organic JAS mark.
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