Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?
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Bulletin: Urgent Report Regarding Radioactive Contamination
How about Organic tea in the Nagata Chaen?
Currently,we at Nagata Chaen export certified organic teas to 15countries including the U.S.andthose in Europe.
Under the certification for organic food in each Association we blends an excellent teas that make the best use of the features of products from specified origins:Kyoto,Nara,Mie,Shizuoka,Saitama,Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures.
Nagata Chaen's organic teas are all grown without the use of agricultual chemicals,using non-chemical fertilizers only.
We,at Nagata Chaen,perform unique and strict testes on our products.
We can present selected"certified organic tea free from agricultual chemicals"with pleasure and confidence.

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