Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?
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The History of Nagata Chaen

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\\gToday's tea is no just a drink.It is used in all sorts of things from household utensils to cosmetics;its uses have greatly diversified.But Nagata Chaen only wishes to continue supply its customers with truly safe,pure tea.h

The now 93 year-old Aijiro's favourite thing is when all four generations of his family get together,all the way down to his 4 year-old great grandson.There is always tea nearby though,which must be reassuring to know that his own family is drinking it too.Those e-images of all his worries about his tea when he was younger are now nowhere to be found.

In Spring of this year Nagata Chaen's new buds will once againg show their faces.Their form will take the same shape as that of the buds from Eisai' era,and like Eisai,Nagata Chaen believes in promoting the health benefits of tea.

"The mysterious life prolonging properties of tea."
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