Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?
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The History of Nagata Chaen

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Once the harvested tea's purification and blending is over the long,arduous process is completed.Aijiro and Koukichi tasted the product cautiously,slowly.But surprisingly,once they had finished drinking they seemed rather perplexed:as the tea passed over the throat it felt crisp and tasted fresh,but somehow it still wasn't quite what they desired.
\\gAt that time we honestly thought that we had failed.h
We look back now on one particular day when Koukichi was in the kitchen.There were some tealeaves from tea that had been drunk several days before.Usually this tea would have had a rather unpleasant smell,but in contrast there was no such aroma,and there was no mould to be found in it either.Koukichi and his family were confident that,"This has to be the real tea we've been searching for."
\\gWe had solved the problem on how to omit fertilizer addition.When we made this discovery we were so happy.This confirmed that we could make this organic tea we had so wanted to produce.From then on we were very confident that we could recommend this tea to our coustomers.h
The health aspects of Nagata tea piled up and soon became the main selling point.From the beginning the sales turnover rose steadily,and Nagata Chaen started to organically cultivate other varieties of tea:making tea using the tea stems,using brown rice, well as normal leaf tea.
It takes the utmost of efforts to always be able to supply such safe,Natural tea.Agricultural chemical residue analysis and bacteria inspection rooms were set up at the production facilities,as well as maintaining a rigorously done safety supply system.On top of this,tea orchard environmental inspections and growth reports are strictly checked.Once this has been completed the company receives its organic agriculture confirmation certificate,which the company has passed and received every time.This notion of Nagata tea being in fact real tea in its purest form has gained wide acceptance.At present Nagata Chaen's third decade of business has new found strength in its sales areas.On top of its popularity at home,it has reached 17 Weatern countries,with recent orders flooding in from the near and middle east also.In this way the Nagata tea's own unique blend has established itself worldwide.

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