Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?
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The History of Nagata Chaen

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The perfect soil was available to Aijiro and Koukichi.However,a big problem quickly arose,that of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.Certainly if you are to maximize your crop then fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals are going to be necessary.However,this pollutes the surroundings and may,above all else,affect the human body."Can't we make tea without using any fertilizers of any kind?"Yet out of this turmoil Koukichi found one way the might just succeed,'organic agriculture'.Now Organic Agriculture is a phrase we come across often in today's society but at that time Japan was at the peak of its economic growth boom.Chemicals were used in abundance to increase the production rate of crops going completely against an organic agriculture ethos.But these two men challenged that generation head on in their way of thinking.
\\gThat one concept of Organic Agriculture was awfully difficult to get off the ground.The most important aspect of it was the use of compost and for the tea crop we needed specially prepared organic compost.h
The compost was a totally organic fertilizer that was laid down for over a year to allow it to completely ferment.The compost made the soil soft and tender.It took in oxygen and within the soil itself organisms began to greed and liv actively.Due to this naturally maintained ecosystem in the soil no chemicals were necessary and a ahealthy wholesome crop was successfully cutivated.
Aijiro and Koukichi used the compost and began their organic agriculture.But when they attempted a atrial on the new field the orchard suffered a reaction.The switching to organic materials had left the orchard with withdrawal symptoms.A sudden conversion from using chemical fertilizers to using no fertilizers at all resulted in an unusual reaction.The orchard began to wither.Moreover the men had ignored their friends in the tea production industry and hadn't participated in association activities leading to them being shut off from vital sources of information for tea production.These two had been hoping for the tea orchards to grow quickly and thrive.
May is the tea-harvesting season.Aijiro and Koukichi's young buds grew and matured.The tea,which had been brought up with the utmost care and attention,was gathered in while the two watched on.Of course due to the organic agriculture used the harvest yield was nowhere near that of a usual tea field.But the tealeaves grown in this unspoilt environment were luch,with a natural strength flowing through their fibres.
Usually any tea that is picked goes on to be procuction material and then final procuct.At Nagata Chaen's first factory the unrefined,coarse tea is arranged by shape and length,and then stems and powders are removed:while at the second factory the product is inspected for impurities.The product's taste is of utmost importance and this is created of course without using any artificial additives of any kind.
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