Do you know of the fact that there are in general use a large quantity of agricultual chemicals on the tea production?
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The History of Nagata Chaen

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"The Art of Making Real Tea"
`Nagata Organic Tea's 30year struggle`

About 800 years ago,after finishing his long and difficult training,a priest returned home to Japan from Soh,present day China.His name was Eisai.Eisai went on famously to become the founder of Rinzaishuu Buddhism in Japan.According to documents of the time,when he returned he was carrying some seeds,which he then went on to carefully plant in the ground.
Today,800 years later,those seeds have grown,changed into young shoots and become tea.In his great work on 'How to care for tea'Eisai tried to enlighten the Japanese about the health aspects of tea as a drink,in particular its mysterious life prolonging properties.In fact it is now known that these health properties which tea contains are in the form of Vitamin C and Catephin.Tea,it has been discovered,is effective in the fight against cancer and other adult diseases.800 years after Eisai first tried to teach the Japanese about tea,once again there are passionate people trying to tell the world about its charm.
Here we see one man passionately making tea in Kyoto.His name is Aijiro Nagata. Aijiro was Nagata Chaen's founderHe was born and raised in Japan's most prominent tea producingarea of Uji.Whilst growing up he started to devote himself to the work of tea making.And when he was aroung the age of 30 he started working for one of Kyoto's traditional tea company's in order to hone his skills in the technique of tea making.
He was very happy with his work until one day,at this particular company,Aijiro was confronted by the unusual reality of tea making.He was shocked when he learned that the company he trusted so much used artificial additives in its tea production.
\\gAt that time,it was common for artificial sweeteners,etc,to be added to low quality tea,so you are cheated by the flavour and high sales price.They were using a lot of agricultural chemicals and artificial fertilizers in the cultivation process.h

Nagata chaen
president Kokichi Nagata
"What if my family was to drink this tea that I made?"For a while Aijiro pondered on his dlimma on this way of tea making.However,from his trouble's came a piece of inspiration."If I am worried this much why don't I make my own tea?"And so the following day,Aijiro handed over his resignation to theCompany he was working at.
Aijiro then began to make the perfect tea.An encouraging sign for Aijiro was that he had already received the consent and collaboration of hi son Koukichi who wa involved in the tea making business himself.These two strated on their challenge.First they looked for the perfect field to grow tea.They searched for a number of months aroung the Kyoto area and finally,"Here.If we are going to make the perfect tea,it can only be here."And so the 2 found their perfect tea field.
\\gWhy here? Why did we choose this location?Well the reasons were:Firstly the morning mist acts as a shade to bright sunlight,and because it helps stimulate chlorophyll and amino acid production the tea has a naturally sweetish taste.Secondly,due to the temperature difference between morning and evening we are able to generate a moderate body and astringency in the tea.Thirdly,The gradient of the slope is good for drainage and ventilation,which means it is difficult for the crop to get damaged.It really is the perfect location to make tea.h
On top of this,the chosen location of Nagata Chaen is isolated from other tea fields,which means there is no risk of contamination by pollutants from neighbouring farms,which use chemical fertilizers.Also the approved field had been organically treated farmland for over 3 years.This control period confirmed the eradication of pollutants from the peripheral environment.Thanks to this we can always be assured that only safe,pure soil is used in the making of this tea.
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